The robots are coming. Should we start worrying about them taking our jobs?

En Miami Herald / 12 mayo, 2017

During a visit to Silicon Valley, I had an interesting encounter with a salesperson of the future: a robot. And it gave me a hint of what much of the workforce may look like sooner than many people think.

The robot — a tall, white tower with cameras on its sides and a dome-shaped sensor on its top — was moving along the entrance corridor of a giant Lowe’s home improvement center, and stopped in front of me when I approached it.

“Hi there. Is there something I can help you find?” it asked, with a slightly feminine-sounding voice. I responded that I was looking for a light bulb, and a big tablet on the robot’s chest immediately showed me about a dozen different types of bulbs, each one with a photo and price.

When I told it which one, the robot said, “That item appears to be on aisle 12. Would you like me to take you there?” I said yes, and the robot said, “Sure. Follow me.” And off it went.

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Andres Oppenheimer
Es el editor para América Latina y Columnista de “The Miami Herald,” conductor del programa “Oppenheimer Presenta” por CNN en Español, y autor de siete Best-Sellers. Su columna “El Informe Oppenheimer” es publicada regularmente en más de 60 periódicos de todo el mundo, incluidos “The Miami Herald” de EEUU, La Nación de Argentina, El Mercurio de Chile, El Comercio de Perú, y Reforma de México.

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